Menopause-Related Dry Eye: Why It Happens & How to Manage It

by Jul 15, 2021

During menopause, the body produces less androgen, estrogen and progesterone. This causes a variety of unpleasant symptoms including hot flashes, irritability, insomnia and, in extreme cases, even depression. These are all common symptoms that many people are familiar with but what few people know about is that menopause also causes dry eye. 

Menopause-Related Dry Eye: Why It Happens & How to Manage It

Why Do Women Experience Dry Eye During Menopause?

During this period, known medically as the climacteric period, the body decreases its production of Oestrogen. This then leads to the lacrimal glands producing less fluid which then, in turn, leads to dry eyes. Dry eyes cause burning and itching. The eyes often become red and, paradoxically, despite the dryness, often lead to excess tearing. Some women also complain of having a foreign body sensation in the eyes as well as blurred vision.

How To Treat Menopause-Related Dry Eye

Since reduced hormone production during and after menopause causes these symptoms, the treatment is often focused on this condition. Some eye doctors often recommend that you take herbal supplements that are rich in ginseng, red clover, and evening primrose oil. They may also ask you to consume a diet that is rich in vitamin D. Other treatments include lubricating eye drops, warm compresses, eyelid hygiene, and oral antibiotics.

Helpful Environmental Changes

Making a few lifestyle changes is also helpful in treating this condition. Lowering your screen time, removing drafts around your home, and wearing wraparound sunglasses when you are outdoors can also prove helpful.

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