What You Need to Know About Contact Lens Prescriptions

by Jan 7, 2021

Contact lenses are considered medical devices, much like eyeglasses. Thus, you’ll need to get a prescription before you can buy or use one. It contains specific information to ensure your contacts are safe and comfortable to wear, as well as give you optimal vision. Here are some of the things you need to know about contact lens prescriptions.

What You Need to Know About Contact Lens Prescriptions

Why Get Contact Lens Prescriptions

Contact lenses that don’t fit your eyes properly can cause a wide range of problems, from discomfort and distorted vision to inflammation and infection. In rare cases, these can cause permanent eye tissue damage. This is one of the many reasons why you need to get a prescription first before you can wear contacts.

Another reason for this is with regards to current federal laws. Before you can buy contact lenses, you have to obtain a valid prescription written by a qualified eye care professional. It also applies to non-prescription contacts, which are used for cosmetic purposes. Optometrists and ophthalmologists are certified to fit contact lenses. Opticians can also do the same depending on the state where you live.

What to Expect in Contact Lens Prescriptions

Expect a contact lens prescription to contain abbreviations with their corresponding measurements. One of the most notable are the abbreviations OS, OD, and OU. OS stands for “ocular sinister,” which is Latin for the left eye. OD or “ocular dexter” refers to the right eye. OU or “ocular uterque” means that the measurement in the prescription applies to both eyes.

Other abbreviations you need to know are BC and DIA. BC refers to the base curve or the back curvature of your contacts measured in millimeters. The measurement in your prescription matches the curvature of your cornea for the right fit. Also measured in millimeters, DIA stands for diameter or the distance from one edge of your contacts to the other.

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