Essential Facts About Optos High-Resolution Retinal Imaging

by Dec 15, 2020

Optos retinal imaging, or optomap, is a technology that captures up to 90% of the retina or the back of the eyes in one panoramic image. The traditional imaging method can only allow doctors to view up to 15% of the retina at one time, so an optomap exam can definitely provide a faster and more efficient process. With Optos retinal imaging, it only takes less than a second to capture an image of your retina.

Essential Facts About Optos High-Resolution Retinal Imaging

Typically, the use of dilation eye drops is no longer necessary prior to an optomap exam. However, depending on your conditions, your eye doctor will decide whether your pupils need to be dilated or not. Read on to learn more about Optos retinal imaging.

Why Is a Retinal Exam Important? And How Can I Benefit From It?

An optomap exam enables your eye care practitioner to detect early signs of retinal disease in a more efficient manner. Furthermore, with the results of this type of exam, you can afford to have early protection against vision impairment or blindness. A retinal exam through Optos retinal imaging can also help your doctor detect some early signs of various diseases. Some of the first signs of stroke, diabetes and some cancers can be seen in your retina, so an optomap exam can certainly be beneficial to anyone.

Is Optomap Safe for Children?

Yes, Optos retinal imaging is safe for children. In fact, since many vision problems can start in early childhood, an optomap is quite useful in giving children quality eye care.

How Often Should I Have an Optomap?

Generally, an optomap is recommended every time you have an eye exam. However, this is for your eye care practitioner to decide as they may need to consider certain factors.

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