What If Your Eyes Have Different Refractive Powers?

by Nov 19, 2020

Most people do not have an identical optical power, but your brain keeps you from noticing it. However, a person with anisometropia has a significant difference in vision between their two eyes. As a result, an object may appear different in one eye than the other, causing blurred vision. 

What If Your Eyes Have Different Refractive Powers?

Keep reading to learn more about this eye condition. 

What Are the Types of Anisometropia?

There are three types of anisometropia, which are simple, compound, and mixed. In simple anisometropia, only one eye has a refractive error. The affected eye can either be nearsighted or farsighted. Both eyes are myopic or nearsighted in compound anisometropia, but there is a significant difference in their prescriptions. This condition causes one eye to see a more blurred image than the other. Then there is anisometropia where one eye is myopic (nearsighted) and the other hyperopic (farsighted). 

What Are Its Common Symptoms?

Defects at childbirth and uneven-sized eyes can cause anisometropia. Its common symptoms include amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and diplopia (double vision). Double vision can cause other problems such as eye strain, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, headaches and light sensitivity. 

Moreover, this eye condition must be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. When not addressed early, the brain can choose the eye that shows the clearer image and ignore the other. It will eventually lead to a dependence on the stronger eye. Over time, the ignored eye will get weaker, so be sure to get treatment before the condition gets severe. Anisometropia can be treated by corrective lenses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery. 

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