6 Things You Need To Know About Muro 128

by May 9, 2023

Muro 128 is an eye drop or ointment that has a medication that is composed of salt. This medication is often prescribed or recommended to help with eye conditions that lead to swelling in the front of the eye. Muro 128 is able to reduce the swelling of the cornea and improve vision, comfort, and allow better healing. While Muro 128 is an over-the-counter eye drop, it is often kept behind the pharmacy counter and you may have to ask for it from the pharmacist. It is generally not recommended to use Muro 128 unless directed to do so by your eye doctor.


What is Muro 128?

Muro 128 is a medication that contains sodium chloride or salt. The salt in this drop gives Muro 128 all of the properties which allow it to treat conditions of the cornea.

It comes in the form of an eye drop solution or an ointment. Muro 128 works by drawing excess water from the cornea of the eye, reducing swelling and fluid build-up, and ultimately improving vision.


Uses of Muro 128

Muro 128 is used to manage symptoms for various eye conditions such as corneal edema, Fuchs’ dystrophy, and contact lens discomfort. Each of these uses should be done under the management of an eye doctor to monitor the condition for improvement.


Muro 128 for Corneal Edema

Muro 128 is most commonly used for the management of corneal edema, a condition where fluid accumulates in the cornea.

Muro 128 is able to draw water from the cornea and reduce the amount of swelling in the eye. This improves the vision and comfort of the cornea.

Corneal edema can result following cataract surgery, or other eye surgery, or can be due to other eye conditions which cause corneal edema as a secondary effect.


Muro 128 for Fuchs’ Dystrophy

In addition to corneal edema, Muro 128 can also be used for people with Fuchs’ dystrophy, a slowly progressing disease that causes the cells in the cornea to break down.

Fuch’s dystrophy can be progressive and require a corneal transplant if it progresses enough.

A common treatment is to use Muro 128 in the morning to reduce the swelling of the cornea that occurs throughout the night.


Muro 128 for Contact Lens Discomfort

While Muro 128 is not a contact lens drop or artificial tear, it can improve some issues caused by contact lenses.

If the discomfort from the contact lenses is related to the cornea swelling as the lenses are worn, using Muro 128 can help prevent or reduce the discomfort.


Side Effects of Muro 128

The most common and well-known side effect of Muro 128 is stinging or burning when putting the drop in.

It is common for the drop to burn for several seconds following installation and may also cause some redness when instilled.

While the drop may burn or cause redness, it is uncommon for the drop to cause any severe reaction or side effects.


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