What Is Ocular Dominance?

by Jun 16, 2021

Ocular dominance, sometimes called eyedness, refers to the preference of visual input from one eye to the other. Research shows that ocular dominance is often associated with handedness, though not directly related. So, if an individual is right-handed, they are more likely to be right-eye dominant. Keep on reading to learn about the different types of ocular dominance and how to find your dominant eye.

What Is Ocular Dominance?

Types of Ocular Dominance

The three primary types of ocular dominance that is determined by special tests are:

  • Sighting dominance refers to the preference of one eye to the other when focusing on a particular target or item.
  • Motor dominance refers to the eye that is less likely to lose focus at the near point of convergence. 
  • Sensory dominance refers to the eye that has more powerful vision than the other.

How to Find the Dominant Eye

There are different types of special tests that can be used to find the dominant eye. A common example is the point test. It involves fixating on an item and pointing at it with an index finger. Here is a step-by-step guide to performing this test.

  1. Select a target in the distance.
  2. Point at the target using your hands. Your fingers should be interlaced with the exception of your index fingers. Your index fingers should both be pointing at the target.
  3. While fixating on the target, close your left eye and your right eye. The eye that lines up with your target is your dominant eye.

Knowing your dominant eye can improve your performance in certain activities such as sports and photography.

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