What Is Amblyopia and Can It Be Treated?

by Apr 8, 2021

Amblyopia (or more commonly known as lazy eye) is the lack of development of clear vision (acuity) in one or both eyes for reasons other than an eye health problem that can’t simply be improved by only wearing eyeglasses. This is because it’s more of a problem with how the brain processes information coming from the affected eye. 

What Is Amblyopia and Can It Be Treated?

However, contrary to what you were led to believe, this type of eye disorder isn’t a permanent state. This means it can be corrected with proper eye treatment even for adults! Perception Eyecare %20 Eyewear shares their insight:

Common Types of Amblyopia

  • Strabismic Amblyopia – Strabismus is a misalignment of the eyes, which gets the brain confused as they’re not pointed at the same place at the same time. The brain is unable to put the images together, so it will ignore information from one of the eyes.
  • Refractive Amblyopia – This occurs when there’s a large difference in refractive error. It develops because the images in each eye are different or when one eye must work harder than the other to see. So, instead of the brain ignoring information from one of the eyes, they’ll see double because they’re having difficulty merging the two images into one.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

You might be led to believe that lazy eye correction can only work with young children. This is probably due to the misconception that amblyopia is a classic example of a type of developmental disorder that causes permanent changes in vision if they’re not corrected in the early stages of life. However, this is just a myth, simply because no matter how old a person is, their entire visual system can be retrained due to their plasticity.

Let’s say you have healthy binocular vision, which means both eyes see similarly and the brain can easily combine the images. But poor binocular vision makes this difficult; the two images are either unable to combine into one single image or one image is ignored. Fortunately, brain plasticity means treatment is effective especially when you call the right eye care center.

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