What Counts as an Eye Care Emergency?

by Mar 25, 2021

Some eyesight-related problems require urgent care from eye doctors, especially when pain and discomfort are involved. The chances of recovery increase the sooner the infection or inflammation is treated. Here’s a look at some instances that are considered eye care emergencies.

What Counts as an Eye Care Emergency

Chemical Burn

The use of cleaning products and garden or industrial chemicals without any eye protection can be dangerous. If you get any of these substances in your eye, flush it thoroughly with either water or saline solution for 15 minutes. Visit an eye care professional immediately right after.

Foreign Body

A tiny particle or foreign object that gets in your eye can cause eye damage or vision loss. Never attempt to rub it out; instead, let your eyes produce tears to wash away the speck. Alternatively, flush the affected eye with artificial tears or saline solution. If this doesn’t work or you’re not sure if the foreign body has been removed, bandage the eye lightly and seek medical care immediately.

Traumatic Eye Injury

Serious eye injuries can cause symptoms like pain, redness, swelling, double vision and light sensitivity. Apply a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling, making sure not to put any pressure on the eye. Undergoing emergency eye exams will be needed if there’s severe pain or reduced vision involved.

Eye Redness

If eye redness comes with discharge, you must have it evaluated by your eye doctor as soon as possible. You may get an antibiotic prescription if you are diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis, which is the most common type of “pink eye.” Sometimes, this symptom is a sign of other sight-threatening conditions like uveitis or ocular herpes, both of which require a different set of treatments.

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