The Basics of Eyeglass Prescriptions

by Mar 22, 2021

Eyeglass prescriptions are written by optometrists or eye care professionals. A prescription includes all parameters necessary to create corrective lenses that are suitable for the individual patient. If you have ever wondered exactly what information is included, Perception Eyecare discusses the basics of eyeglass prescriptions here.

The Basics of Eyeglass Prescriptions


A typical eyeglass prescription starts with information about your right eye (abbreviated OD or oculus dexter in Latin) before the left eye (abbreviated OS or oculus sinister). Eye doctors do this because when they face you, they check your right eye on their left and then your left eye on their right. Some clinics, however, do away with the Latin abbreviations and use RE and LE instead.

Prescription Values

Generally, the further away from the value 0 your prescription is, the stronger the prescription you need. A plus (+) sign near your number means you are farsighted, while a minus (-) sign indicates nearsighted. The number represents the diopter, which is a unit that measures the focusing power of the lens each of your eyes requires. For instance, a -4.25 value, which indicates an intense degree of nearsightedness, means that your eye wear will have stronger lenses.

Differences From Contact Lens Prescriptions

Keep in mind that eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are not the same. You can’t use your eyeglass prescription to purchase contact lenses. Information supplied in a contact lens prescription specifies the central curve of the back surface and the diameter of the lenses, as well as the manufacturer and brand name.

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