What You Need to Know About neurolenses®

by Mar 4, 2021

At Perception Eyecare + Eyewear, we are committed to effectively meeting the eye care needs of the Richardson, TX communities we serve. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for advanced options and technologies that can bring you clear and healthy eyesight. We are, in fact, offering neurolens® treatment, which can alleviate the symptoms and discomfort associated with eye misalignment. Here are the facts:

What You Need to Know About neurolenses®

What neurolenses® Are

They are state-of-the-art, customizable lenses that come with a contoured prism design. By adding more prism where it is most needed, neurolens® can correct your specific eye misalignment naturally, providing comfortable vision to those viable for their use. There are only a few eye doctors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area currently offering this technology. neurolens® involves using an advanced measurement device, which uses a cutting-edge eye-tracking system, to accurately and objectively identify your specific misalignment. The lenses are then customized to help mitigate your symptoms.

Who neurolenses® Are For

Did you know that at least 2/3 of people suffer from symptoms of eye misalignment? This number continues to rise as people shift to working and learning remotely. In order to see clearly and comfortably, your eyes need to be aligned and constantly in sync. But there are cases when your eyes lose this balance, and long periods in front of a computer screen or other digital devices certainly do not help. You should consider turning to Perception Eyecare + Eyewear for a comprehensive eye exam if you’re experiencing:

  • Migraines
  • Neck stiffness
  • Tension in and around the eyes
  • Dry eye sensation
  • Motion sickness
  • Eye fatigue 

These symptoms may point to eye misalignment. If the results of your eye exam do reflect this condition, you may be viable for neurolens® therapy from Perception Eyecare + Eyewear. We will get you started on this advanced eye care solution so you can get the relief you need.

When it comes to high-quality eye care services, you only need to turn to your trusted optometrist, Perception Eyecare + Eyewear. With neurolens® therapy, we will correct your eye misalignment so you can experience clear and comfortable vision throughout the day. We serve the areas in and around Richardson, TX. Call us today at [company_phone] or fill out this contact form to schedule your eye consultation.

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