Symptoms of Eye Problems You Should Not Ignore

by Feb 11, 2021

Serious eye problems have symptoms that are not always recognizable, and may end up ignored until later signs such as blurry vision are present. In today’s post, Perception Eyecare %20 Eyewear shares the symptoms of eye problems that you should not ignore. 

Symptoms of Eye Problems You Should Not Ignore

Floaters and Flashes of Light

The vitreous body or vitreous humor is the rear part of the eye that contains a fluid that resembles egg white, and makes up about four-fifths of the volume of the eyeball. They produce “floaters,” which are perceived as floating spots or fibers moving at the corner of the eye. Floaters are generally harmless, but a sudden increase of them — which may be accompanied by flashes of light — are signs of a damaged retina.

Burning Sensation

A burning and painful sensation in the eye may indicate an eye infection or inflammation, which may be caused by bacteria. Scratching or rubbing the eyes can only make it worse, especially if swelling is present. Most types of bacteria stop reproducing at 102 degrees and die at 120 degrees. With clean hands, place a cold compress over the eyes to slow down the infection and allow any inflammation to drain on its own. Eye infections can be prevented with regular hand washing, avoiding rubbing your eyes, following proper contact lens cleaning procedures.

Persistent Irritation

The eyes can be irritated by one or more external factors such as pollen, low humidity, or allergies, many of which are preventable. Exposure to pollen can be controlled by staying indoors, running an air purifier, and wearing protective eyewear when going outdoors, especially during early to mid-spring. Taking antihistamines can also help keep eye irritation caused by pollen (and other types of allergies) can also help. Dry eyes caused by low humidity levels — typical during the winter season — can be prevented by running an indoor humidifier and by applying lubricating eye drops. Persistently dry eyes may indicate a problem with the tear glands and should be examined by an eye doctor.

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